OctoPrint - Snapmaker Control

This plugin is for the Snapmaker 3-in-one printer/CNC/Laser. It was not developed by Snapmaker.

This plugin will allow users to use the CNC and laser attachments of the snapmaker through octopi.

If the laser is detected it will allow you to turn the laser on and off (setting the power). If the CNC is detected it will allow you to turn the CNC tool on and off. If neither is detected, it will just show a nice icon in the navbar :)

In the future, plans are to be able to set origin and run boundary based on the loaded file as with snapmakerjs


Install via the bundled Plugin Manager.

Right now, you must manually install it using this URL:


When it is through “beta” testing, I will register it with Octoprint and you will be able to install it through the search function in plugin manager.


Snapmaker image Copyright(c) 2017 Snapmaker. Used with permission